Tennis Elbow

Posted: 24.09.06 in Blogging

Like last year, my body was filling with lactic acid and I felt like I would not be able to move in the morning as I woke several times during the night. As it happens, it was just my left arm that I was having problems with when morning did come. Donna made a brilliant English breakfast again, and by the time I had finished that, I was fine.

We played tennis that morning. Rather I should say the others played tennis, I played some stupid game where you whack the ball over the net and hope it lands on the other side where you want it to. I lost…

We played Treasure Island golf (read crazy golf) and I was doing ok. I netted two hole-in-ones and I had only one dodgy hole. I’m fairly sure my score was rigged because somehow James and Nick beat me, and I wasn’t keeping score! That was quite fun. Al kept playing “from the rough” and we were left doubting Laurie’s hockey skills as she struggled to get the ball into the holes!

Matt and James made tea – chicken fajitas, which were really good. To be honest, it seemed as though Matt did all the cooking and James just did a few little things to finish up. It was all good though. And Deal Or No Deal came on…

Nick exclaimed – rather spontaneously – “Everyone pick a box, and whoever wins the highest amount wins Steve for the night”. Naturally I lost. And James won. Fortunately, James didn’t want me!

Then Nick got a phone call from Pete, who had gone out for a bike ride. He was lost, so I went with Nick to look for him (and to get some exercise) and he was nowhere to be seen. We took the scenic route back (I stacked it and lost my bike lock) and Pete was already there. Odd.

We went swimming that evening and I ended up in the plunge pool again. Initially it was just Pete, Nick and I that were there, and Nick decided we should try to form a human chain going down the rapids. I didn’t think it was a good idea, but I am weak when it comes to peer pressure… So Nick ended up spinning me round so that I was heading down the rapids head frist on my back. I knew I was going to smack my head on the wall, so I wrapped my arms around my head to soften the collision. Just as well I did, because my head did smack the wall and it hurt. Perhaps it could have been worse…

After swimming, I had a great hot chocolate at the Sports Café and we went back to the other villa. I didn’t fancy drinking after whacking my head, but everyone else did, it’s fair to say! Al managed to plough his way through a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and there were plenty of empty green bottles around, too. We played “Chase The Ace” which was quite fun. We didn’t play for anything other than “lives” (not real ones), which is how I prefer it. And we were all skint anyway…

  1. danny says:

    i always found hitting the ball difficult in itself

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