Wish You’d All Tee Off

Posted: 25.09.06 in Blogging

Ok, so I think I’m on Wednesday of last week now. After Donna had made the breakfast to end all breakfasts the day before, we trundled off to the Sports Café to have a breakfast. It was good, but we couldn’t have a cup of tea with it unfortunately. :(Having also acquired a taste for crazy golf the day before, we also decided to play proper golf today (that and the golf course was closed the day before). We had decided to share golf clubs to save money, so I just paid for a round of golf. Then all those that followed me through the reception area (i.e. everyone) decided they would hire clubs for themselves. So I ended up sharing with Nick (seeing as it was his fault 🙂 ). We staggered off to the start of the course, myself probably looking a little silly wearing my usual clothes and Pete, Nick and I started our round before Matt, Louis and James followed with theirs.

My first shot was a swing-and-a-miss (predictably) and Nick offered one piece of advice – to look at the ball as I swing through it. So I did, and it flew astonishingly! Problem is, I didn’t realise this, as I was still staring at the tee across from my feet. I never did find that ball.

So I dropped a shot there, and I also lost another ball on the second hole. But apparently I did well nonetheless. I was quite proud of that! I achieved a score of 5 on most holes, which all had a par of 3, which I reckon isn’t pretty bad for not having ever whacked a stupid little ball with a stupid little club!

Our original intention was go to Rajinda Pradesh on the final night, but seeing as it was closed both the Monday and the Friday, it was decided we should go on Wednesday. We reserved a table for 10, which they amply provided for. I had a Prawn Chilli Balti with Rajinda Pradesh Pulao Rice. It was very nice, I can tell you! However, I did not finish my meal, as I was developing a headache, and I thought at the time it could possibly have been a migraine. It got worse…

Most people had Lamb Madras. I decided not to go for that because I know it isn’t the most appetising curry to look at, and the fact that madras curries are typically rather hot, I thought I’d go for the balti. Rajinda Pradesh also left the bird eye chillis in the curry – as they should – for effect. Only Nick won the Deal Or No Deal competition today, and Pete left his chilli (also as he should) on his plate. So Pete bought the winning box from Nick so that he could win the Deal Or No Deal competition. And why? So that I would have to eat the chilli. I did, it hurt, and I was the only one that ordered ice cream for dessert. I’m no wuss when it comes to chillis – jalapenos are no match for me. But bird eye chillis are bloody hot!

I went swimming later on, still with a headache. Nick decided again we should try the human chain going down the rapids. This time there were ten of us, so we all went down. It wasn’t very comfortable but I did it twice. My headache then got a bit much so I went to the Sports Café. As I walked passed the big screens, I noticed Newcastle United were losing to Liverpool, Dirk Kuyt having scored. I had a cup of tea and sat down, hoping it was just a cup of tea that was the problem. And Alonso scored. My headache got worse. Once the others joined me, I stayed a while then I left while Nick stayed to watch the highlights of the Liverpool game.

  1. albertkline says:

    What was the crazy golf like! lol Regards.

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