Hazy Thursday

Posted: 26.09.06 in Blogging

Thursday was an interesting day. I had established during the course of the night that it was not a migraine I had, but a cold. As such, I didn’t move the next morning. The others went to play the five-a-side tournament, in which I believe we were incompetent at best!

I recovered after lunchtime and so I went to join the others playing table tennis. I played against both Matt and Al. I played fairly well but lost both games.

We decided that we should go swimming before tea, as Donna decided we should all go and leave her in the kitchen making the spaghetti bolognese. So before we went, a phonecall was made to the other villa to establish who wanted what box in Deal Or No Deal so that all ten of us could choose, and Donna could work out who won. James won again, and seemed rather pleased to win me again!

We went swimming, which consisted mostly of Al and Matt launching themselves down the white slide with a tea tray. Then a bloody great big alarm went off and all the lifeguards – like they were pulled by a massive magnet – bolted off in one direction with a neck brace and all sorts. The girl who was the cause of the alarm eventually materialised conscious and apparently ok. I didn’t feel much like swimming after that.

We had the spaghetti bolognese, which – as ever – was great. James, Donna and I went straight for the bar by the bowling alley, while the others went for another swim. I went for a JD & Coke, which was still £3.45. James then played his Deal Or No Deal card and made me have a two-pint pitcher of Malibu Bay Breeze to myself. It was nice, but it is by no means a manly drink… And the drinks continued. I had a Flatliner (which hurt more than yesterday’s chilli) and some other cocktails too… rather too many to remember!

To end the night, I bought a bottle of champagne. It wasn’t because I was feeling flush at the time, or that I was showing off (though looking back now, it might have been construed as that). The fact of the matter is, I felt better at that time than I had done in a long time, and I wanted to thank all those that were there (and Laurie, who by that time was rather ill and possibly asleep in bed). I hope everyone else enjoyed themselves too.

We cycled home, which was entertaining in itself.

  1. helen says:

    I thought you went to uni to learn, I am a little confused.

  2. helen says:

    opps I got it you are on holiday, I must read these blogs from the bottom up. Silly me.

  3. wl says:

    I know one old guy called David. He told me table tennis was very popular among young people here when he was a teenager. But you can hardly see young people play it nowadays. So it’s a little bit suprising when I learnt that you were playing table tennis. Hehe. Anyway, it’s good news cause it means that it hasn’t got (totally) forgotten by people here. And I’ve asked two native speakers about the mama&papa thing. Neither uses ‘mama’ in their families. One said his daughter simply calls his mum nannyShipley and his wife’s mum nannyWhatever to tell who she’s calling, and his dad papa cause his wife’s dad has passed away before his daughter was born. The other one told me since he has only one GRANDMUM and one GRANDDAD, so that’s how he calls them. Would you like to share your long story then? By the way, I really wouldn’t mind whether you are trying to show off or not when you get me an ice cream! 🙂

  4. wl says:

    Oh, and no photo again?!

  5. Steve says:

    Lol… it was all a holiday – in fact I’m starting to think it was all a dream – it seems so long ago already! :(Anyway, we call my grandparents "Mama and Papa" because my cousin, when she was a baby, could not say "Grandma and Grandpa" and Mama and Papa were so much easier to say, so it stuck.

    As for the photos, I’m working on it! I’ve lost my bluetooth dongle, and the pictures I have are only of friends, unfortunately.

    And as for the ice cream, don’t expect one soon! Nothing has yet materialised on that front! 😉

  6. wl says:

    ‘the pictures I have are only of friends, unfortunately’ I knew it would be like this. :(Just now I was talking to my mum on the phone about sending me some mooncakes. OK now it seems you’ve lost your chance to get some. Hahaaa… New term has started. You feel ready? GOOD LUCK anyway!

  7. Steve says:

    I think I am just about ready. I see you are on the Uni network! Hope you have settled in ok! (Not sure how long you have been around…)

  8. wl says:

    I’ve been in Newcaslte for over a month, and I’m renting a room in a six-bedroom flat in Leazes Park Road, so I’m quite familiar with the city centre now. I like it here. It’s just that there’s no Tesco in the city centre which is a little disappoiting because things that I need offered by Tesco are normally cheaper than these by Co-op or M&S and some other stores. I don’t know whether the reason for no Tesco in city centre area is because of local community’s protection over the markets and Co-op. I guess it’s just that Newcastle has its own rules about things. I am still in the school building now because I do need to find lots of reading materials for my first lectures on my course(all classes are seminars. If I don’t read, I won’t be able to involve in discussions), and we won’t get our own network till next Friday, I think. And I’ve got what I need now, so it’s time I went back. Night.

  9. Steve says:

    Glad you got settled! There is a Tesco in Newcastle, but it is quite far from the City Centre. A few supermarkets have left the City Centre over recent years. My recommendation is that you visit Tesco’s website. I would also recommend Asda’s website, as they are also very reasonable. Be aware of delivery charges though.

  10. wl says:

    Oh thanks for the advice. And may I ask do you consider Asda a British thing or an American thing? The other day, I asked my flatmate whether you have Walmart here. He said it’s an American thing but recommended Asda to me. But the fact is Asda is part of Walmart. I heard from some people that M&S is popular for it’s British. Do you ythink it is a factor that influence people’s choice over where to go shopping here?

  11. Steve says:

    M&S is notoriously expensive and only sells its own brand of products.

    Asda was around in Britain before Walmart took it over, and the ethos is pretty similar now as it was before the takeover – sell it cheap!

    So it’s no different really.

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