Blood Boiler

Posted: 27.09.06 in Blogging

You lot know what I’m like for conjuring up imagery. Well an interesting one keeps cropping up in my mind. Sometimes I feel like a castrated dog. Before I smile on the verge of manic laughter, I shall describe what I mean.

My vision of a castrated dog is one of slight repression. Rather than pure energy and boistrousness, the castrated dog is docile and friendly. And that is rather like me. It’s not that I think I am lacking something though. I am just everyone’s favourite pet, it seems. Unless it’s like Razorlight’s Golden Touch, and behind my back my friends really hate me because they are jealous… no, perhaps not!

Anyway, good news! We have a new boiler! The old one packed in and went to the great British Gas depot in the sky (nay, in the murky depths of Hell), so we got a new one. Unfortunately, though I would like to say it is a functioning boiler, it has not yet been fully installed, so no heating or hot water yet. So I may look a bit tired and bedraggled tomorrow.


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