Another Scary Dream

Posted: 29.09.06 in Blogging

Sometimes I wonder whether I get dreams to challenge me, or to prepare myself for something that could happen. Last night I dreamt that I was dying.

From what I can remember from my dream, I was in a hospital bed being told that I had a tear in my heart, and my only prospect for survival was by having a heart transplant. And this provoked a lot of thought, even in a dream!

I have always felt a little uneasy with regard to organ transplantation. I’m not against it, but I felt that it wasn’t something I would comfortable in doing. I’m not sure whether it is just a personal, spiritual thing, that I don’t want my body tampered with after death or that I don’t want someone else’s organs in mine. But when you are given the prospect of dying, and it seems real, the matter becomes a choice of either life or death.

In the end, in my dream I went for the transplant. It shows how putting yourself in the situation can make you think differently about it.


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