Five Minutes Of Shame

Posted: 29.09.06 in Blogging

After the news earlier in the day, the rest of today became a haze. My mind was elsewhere and so I was not really concentrating on things I should have been. We have had a new boiler installed, and I can’t remember what instructions the gasman gave me, so I am going to have to read this terrifyingly large manual. Modern technology eh?

Anyway, we went to the match: Newcastle United v Levadia Tallinn of Estonia. We won 2-1, Obafemi Martins scored two. It was quite a good match in the end, quite entertaining, but my vocal chords didn’t get as good an exercise as they would have done in the Gallowgate (we sat in the Milburn Paddock).

I also thought I would record the game, which was on five, and several times, Mum, during the course of the game, pointed out that the camera was rather close to us. I didn’t notice it at all, but I made it onto national television! Well… albeit you can only see my Tog24 hoodie and me clapping rather unconvincingly during Emre’s substitution (I had been clapping for quite some time by that point), but I was on TV! Mum was pleased her “bad side” never made the cut!

  1. albertkline says:

    Hey Steve, yea, the pic was just a spur of the moment thing, I had my camera handy. Thx for stopping by and stop by again. Al

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