Let's Get Busy

Posted: 06.10.06 in Blogging

Talking about yesterday (Thursday) now. It was quite an early start, a 10 o’clock lecture. It was only an hour long, so at about 11 I went back home. I was planning to get some work done, but almost as soon as I was back in the house, Jayne texted me to ask whether I’d like to go to the union for a drink for Andy, who died last week. I couldn’t refuse, so I headed straight back into town.

I got back there for 1, and we had something to eat, and then wandered around the union building looking for somewhere quiet. We eventually settled in the Globe Café, though the bar wasn’t open. We talked about Glenn’s present, which is a good idea by the girls, so I chipped in.

At 2, we had a two hour lecture. It was our first Statistical Modelling lecture, and it was mostly recapping on material we had done last year, so it wasn’t very stimulating. The lecturer also sprung the surprise of a computer practical at 5pm. He later relented, saying it was optional, and that we could do it in our own time, if we wished. So I went home and did it there.

Looking back, it doesn’t seem so busy a day, but it felt like it at the time.

  1. wl says:

    So you normally go back home when you have a kind of long break between lectures? To me travelling between home and uni for several times during one day is too tiring to do. I prefer to settle down myself somewhere in the uni during the breaks. But it’s no good experience either. Because what I actually want and need is a proper meal and a cosy place where I can get a nap, given that breaks usually cover the lunch time.

  2. Steve says:

    I wanted to get home to get some work done, but I’m not sure whether I would do it in future. I’m been learning Japanese in the Open Access Centre, so I shall probably go there instead.

    Can’t really think of anywhere that is any good for a nap (other than home). I know that Merz Court has a ‘common room’ with some soft-ish seats which is quite relaxing, but it probably won’t be too comfortable for a nap!

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