Here's A Funny Thing

Posted: 08.10.06 in Blogging

I decided, as part of an elaborate experiment, to check my computer for viruses using McAfee’s free online scanner. (This experiment, by the way, was one that my friend Weiran proposed: that I ditch the virus scanner and firewall. This is not a recommendation – it is only to be tried if you are Internet savvy.) It picked up one tiny little thing, which was some kind of dodgy temporary internet file. It didn’t worry me, but since I didn’t finish the scan, I decided on Friday that I would install McAfee Internet Security 2006. My computer didn’t agree with me.

I tried to validate the Privacy Service – which is a complete waste of time – using Internet Explorer 7. It seems it didn’t like that. As a result, the whole installation just threw a wobbler and packed in. So I was stuck. I couldn’t complete the installation, and I couldn’t uninstall it either. And I was greeted by a lovely stream of error messages every time I logged in.

And so I took the logical step of wiping everything off the hard drive. So this was the start of yesterday. I thought I’d try again to install Vista RC1 on this laptop. It didn’t work. In fact I tried XP Home, XP Professional and Vista Ultimate RC1, and to no avail. I can only assume that the laptop was running uncomfortably hot, and just decided it wouldn’t play. I have got it all running on XP Professional, with McAfee Internet Security 2006 (but only because I have a subscription running until July: I won’t be renewing it after that).

If you own a computer, just obey all the instructions, and you’ll be fine: it’s just once you decide you want to do something different that things start to go wrong…

  1. [ Shell ] says:

    Hope your computer gets well soon lol

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