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Posted: 10.10.06 in Blogging

Apologies for neglecting this a little in the past few days, I’m still getting used to my “new” computer. In fact it’s not new, it’s just completely rejigged.

Anyway, I saw The Match at St. James’ Park. If you watched it on Sky One, you probably missed the best bit. So let me set the scene.

The second half was greeted by a gentle shower that lasted much of the duration. Throughout the period, nothing much happened, apart from a moment of brilliance from Chris Waddle. The fans were getting a little bored and a Mexican wave started. The Gallowgate was typically well up for it, but the rest of the stadium were fairly quiet, apart from when the Celebrities briefly had possession of the ball. Some fans decided to make things a little more exciting. Over in the South West corner, a man removed his gear and breached the advertising boards. Having entered the pitch, he got into full stride. However, the pitch was quite slippy, of course, due to the rain. So he completely stacked it. Fell arse-over-tit (as they say). Brilliant. Better than much of the match!

Harvey also spoilt things a bit by getting sent off and starting a fight in the dugout that ended up being a mass brawl. Still, it wasn’t a terrible game, and it gave me the opportunity to watch some players play that I am too young to have watched before, and to watch players that don’t often play.


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