If Music Be The Food Of Love…

Posted: 11.10.06 in Blogging

…then I will never need a girlfriend ever again – I’m stuffed! Today I bought two albums. The first is Sting’s new album Songs From The Labyrinth. It is the music of John Dowland, an Elizabethan and Jacobean singer/songwriter from the 16th-17th centuries. Sting was told by a few people he should try it out, so he did. And he and Edin Karamazov created this album. I haven’t listened to it yet – it sounds interesting. That cost £10.97: I could have had it from HMV for £8.99 delivered. Oops.

The other album I bought was Dream Theater’s Octavarium – a bit more of a metal album, so you cannot argue I don’t mix my sounds. I’ve had a listen to most of it – in fact I’ve listened to all of it bar 15 minutes of the 24 minute epic title song Octavarium at the end. Yeah it’s ok – definitely not a chillout piece. It only cost me £3.97, so I snapped it up.

  1. dave says:

    Nice one,Octavarium is one hell of an album,but it will take you more than one listen to get into it.

  2. wl says:

    Hehe, how about your progress on guitar? You haven’t mentioned it for quite a long time I think. The only thing I remember about you and your guiter is that you said you’d learned how to play a song on it a few days after you got it, though I can’t remember what the song was now.

  3. Steve says:

    @dave: Yeah but it didn’t take long! I really like The Root Of All Evil.
    @wl: It’s going ok, I’m slowly getting better. I think it might have been something like Tie Your Mother Down by Queen, though I would have done it wrong and sounded pretty awful. Since then I have also bought a bass guitar, which I find more fun!

  4. dave says:

    If you look on youtube you’ll find guitar lessons by John Petrucci of Dream Theater,which will make you want to throw your guitar away.

    If you can get this cheap the next Dream Theater album to get is Metropolis 2 Scenes from a Memory,absolutely awesome,

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