Oh The Luck

Posted: 13.10.06 in Blogging

Well guys and dolls, I, for one, shall be glad once Friday the Thirteenth has passed (until the next time). The day did not go brilliantly for me, really. But nonetheless, it wasn’t a particularly bad one.

Having discovered that the Internet submission of my homework had passed (on 1st January 1970), I emailed my lecturer. Thankfully he was understanding enough to extend the deadline until Monday! So that’s all sorted. I had an hour between my last lecture and a tutorial, so I went and got a Burger King meal in order to get filled up for giving blood. Having done that, I had some change for the Big Issue bloke outside Milligan’s, and so I bought his wares, which he kept neatly in a plastic envelope.

I went back to Merz Court to eat my meal. I finished and went up to the tutorial. After that finished, I dashed for the bus. As I got to the bus station, I realised that I didn’t remember ever putting my Big Issue into my bag. As it transpired, it seems I left it in the common room as I was eating my meal. Very annoying, as I didn’t even read the front cover, let alone the inside of it. So it is probably in a bin as we speak.

Anyway, I went to give blood, and it was all going well. I passed the iron test. I was given my bronze award for donating 10 times – I got a certificate and a pin badge. So I went to give blood.

I have, save for two times, donating with my left arm every time I have donated. I prefer to use my left arm because, obviously, I use it less than my right (no dirty jokes please! :P). However, the veins are apparently much deeper in my right arm. This seemed only to be a problem the first few times I used my right arm, but I haven’t had any bother with it more recently, so I elected to do the same again and donate with the left arm. This was probably the fatal mistake.

The poor nurse tried to get the bastard needle in, but apparently it burst one of my capillaries, and the needle eventually rested at one of the valves in my vein. So not only was the blood flow extremely slow (usually I’m a right little bleeder) but my arm was filling with blood too, and as such I would have a massive bruise. So after about 10 minutes of the maximum 15 or so of her trying to support the needle to get the best contact, the nurse decided that it was best to halt the donation. I managed a paltry 150ml (actually it was less than that…) of the 470ml maximum. That is less than half a can of pop (southerners, read Dr Pepper). So that was a shame.

It’s affected my typing too… my left arm wants to type the letter to the left of what I want it to type. One last word: I have added a page to the blog, with the songs currently in my Special “favourites” list in Windows Media Player. See what you think!

  1. dave says:

    I only went for a blood test and they did exactly the same to me,everybody in the pub next day thought i’d been shooting up.

  2. Steve says:

    Well I hope no-one really thinks I did that, but it crossed my mind as I showed off my lovely bruise.

    I think I told a convincing story!

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