All Is Fair

Posted: 15.10.06 in Blogging

<img src="; width="96" alt="” />In some ways I feel sorry for the North Koreans. This is a country that is suffering from a poor economy and widespread poverty. The leader has two options: bow down to the rest of the world; or threaten the world into helping his country out.

After so much state propaganda over so many years, the leader wasn’t going to have his country look weak to the rest of the world, so nuclear power it was. Costly mistake, but what other leader would readily throw his country to the mercy of the rest of the world? (Shame it is not the case that most would…)North Korea probably opted for the nuclear option having seen that all the other superpowers of the world – including its neighbour and greatest ally (until now), China – had developed nuclear power and are doing well for themselves. They are probably viewing the whole situation as a big case of hypocrisy, especially from the US who have their own nuclear weapons, I believe.

The threat of a war frightens me. With the weapons becoming bigger and more destructive, there is no safe place to hide on this planet. Where do we go if we don’t want to play?


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