Stick Morals

Posted: 15.10.06 in Blogging

Ok, perhaps doing this post straight after my North Korea post will detract from its message, but I felt compelled to write about my “belovèd” football team. We lost. And badly. Again we went ahead, and chucked away the points. So far, we have thrown away 8 points from a winning position: all at home. And as a season ticket holder, it upsets me a bit.

What annoyed me more, is that before the match, I was looking at the betting stall. I noticed that Newcastle winning at half time and Bolton winning at full time, the price was 22-1. I’m not a betting man, but if I was, I would have risked being caned by the Gallowgate faithful by putting a fiver on that. I could have been £100 up, which might have softened the blow of losing in that way.

What annoyed me most was El-Hadji Diouf. After he scored the goals, he intentionally taunted the Newcastle United supporters. And time after time he would throw himself onto the floor, apparently writhing in agony, and the magic touch from some other Bolton player would have him bouncing up (and down) again. I really do feel like writing to The FA about it. But why bother? It’s not a supporters’ game any more.


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