Religion Versus Religion Versus Religion

Posted: 19.10.06 in Blogging

… you get the idea. I was walking along Northumberland Street at about half one today. I had just bought a roll from Health Fayre and I was filling in time before getting the bus to go home. I wandered into the entrance of Eldon Square and sat down, listening to some Christian preacher outside. He had just started up, and he challenged passers-by to talk to him. I’m not sure whether he was expecting a plant, but that was far from what he got. A Muslim man was given the microphone, and – despite noticeably having his microphone turned down much lower than the preacher’s, he asked what distinguished Christianity and in particular his own faith from others. These are some excerpts from what I heard as his response:

… Well either Christianity is right and Islam is false, or Islam is right and Christianity is false, or they are both false… but the Bible proclaims that Jesus was the Son of our Lord… Islam claims Jesus was just a prophet…… I’m not saying that other religious texts are false or do not have any goodness in them…

And as soon as I heard that, I thought I ought to move on before a fight started. It is interesting that this preacher was talking about just a prophet. Can you get any higher than a prophet? And as for being the Son of God, aren’t we all?

I’m not saying that I’m not religious. I would have liked to have challenged this man though. Why is he doing this? He travelled from Pennysylvania to tell us that Christianity is fact. Why?

It has been a strange day in all. I was supposed to be having a meeting with the Stop AIDS Society. You might notice there is no link there, and that is because they have no website, and that is why I was invited. I shall be developing a site for them. However, nowhere was arranged for the meeting so I could not find them in the Union. Apparently they had assembled at another entrance.

And seeing as I had forgotten my keys, I had to wait around in town for a couple of hours, so I learnt some Japanese – as you do. It’s not that hard really (well, so far anyway).


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