Revamp Camp

Posted: 21.10.06 in Blogging

There is a lot of work to do, and I have volunteered to do a website for the University’s Stop AIDS Society. Let me know what you think of it! It’s been tested in Opera 9 and Firefox 1.5, which work fine, and Internet Explorer 7, which works slightly less well, but nothing majorly wrong. I hope it works ok in Internet Explorer 6, but if anyone is still using IE6, then they should go to Windows Internet Explorer 7 download page and get it sorted! Or get Firefox or Opera, which are very good browsers.

  1. wl says:

    You know what, you are crazy!!! Why don’t you change your major to computer-related subject?!

    By the way, what did you do to the other hiv site? Abandoned?

  2. Steve says:

    Haha, well I guess Mathematics is my thing. I’m good at it. And how many people are? I guess it’s a gift, and there is a shortage of us!

    And yes, I abandoned it in the end. I felt it just wasn’t of any use to anyone. Plus I was losing the motivation to continue updating a blog that no-one was commenting on. So now, there is no blog other than a small one that I use to notify people of updates.

  3. wl says:

    Good at it doesn’t necessarily mean you like it. Maybe now you want to learn it because you don’t need to work very hard to master what you have learned. I guess it’s this sense of being special about yourself at this thing that leaves you a sense of achievement and satisfaction, which in turn makes you think you should learn it. But the thing is, someday when you meet some really tough problems to solve, will you still be so enthusiastic? In my case, I chose English as my undergraduate major for the reason above – I didn’t think it’s that hard(totally wrong!); I thought it’s just that I had a gift. That I always got high marks in English exams led to that conclusion and this exam thing now when looking back is so misleading, for exams just test things you know (Exams are extremely stupid in pre-uni level in arts subjects.). But the reality is that out there are loads of things you don’t know. When you are not introduced to or you haven’t found a door to that wider world, you feel satisfied, successful… until one day, you are introduced or forced (I kind of feel this way) to it, you begin to doubt whether your choice is right. But then, as you have more contact with new things, you understand them better and better each day; you begin to feel good again, only this time you know this good feeling is different from the previous one, for that one is built on the ignorance of how deep the ocean of knowledge could be while this one comes with the understanding that as you know more, the things you don’t know are also getting more. Thus you are not worried about the amount of things you don’t know, but you must be very clear about what you need. Honestly, this is how I feel after these three weeks of study on my MA course. Have you had this feeling ever? How do you feel about maths? Oh, about the hair thing, I have to say that I wanted to suggest you to have a try with longer hair after I wathced the film A Love Like Love. In the film, when the leading roles are younger, they have the hairstyles and dressstyles mainly suitablt to young people. This reminds me of what my mum always says when she tries to persuade me, ‘if you don’t try different hairstyles when you are young, you will lose your chance forever, for people around my age normally have quite different and limited options and, you might keep wondering what you would look like with certain styles’. Besides, the most important thing is that you liked it. What do you say? And in Birmingham you won’t find so many young people having very short hair or even shaven head. Can you find many in Kent? Finally finished. Hehe a long post again. Ok, back to reading.

  4. Steve says:

    Kent is fickle. It will follow any international fashion. This is particularly the case where Beckham is concerned. When Beckham was rising to prominence, everyone had “curtains”. When he shaved it off, so did everyone else. When he had a Mohecan, it seemed the Kent folk did the same. Now they’ve all got silly floppy hair.

    I just had enough so that I could comb back in my dream. No excess of hair, just something to draw attention from my face. 😀

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