All The Small Things

Posted: 23.10.06 in Blogging

I have to get some things off my chest. The following things are annoying me:

  • It took about eight hours to download a 1.3MB file today. Adobe have more money than knowledge. Bring back Macromedia.
  • There is a certain someone blocking me on Messenger.
  • My biggest excitement in the future is going to the MetroCentre tomorrow.

I’m not sure which annoys me most. I think perhaps the second point. This person was upset when he thought I had blocked him. I thought we had cleared the air, but apparently not. This is someone who I admired and considered a friend. My difficulty is that I don’t understand. Oh well, to the next gripe!

I know what you people are probably thinking: student; bright future; vast opportunities… But that’s all beyond a time I can imagine. I can only see three months into the future. And all I see are lectures, tutorials and exams. Oh, and Christmas. My sister has said she might come up and see us, but she has said that before… Phil has also talked about coming up, possibly with Colin and Anthony – again, plans have been made for that to happen before.

Story of my life – there is no point in planning for things, because they just never happen.


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