Wet, Cold, But Smiling

Posted: 26.10.06 in Blogging

I managed to get two assignments done today. This put me in a good mood, but I can imagine an assignment in for Friday will force my hair to recede.

So we headed for St. James’ Park for the Carling Cup game against Portsmouth. I’ll cut to the chase because I’m tired – it pissed it down. What was worse was that it was very windy and thus very chilly. It rained constantly throughout.

In our wisdom, we thought we would try to buy tickets right at the front of the Milburn Stand so that we could see everything at near ground level – to the point where you could recognise players by their faces. But this also meant that we would not be under the cover of any roof should it rain. This was something we didn’t consider at the time.

In all, Mum and I sat in the rain on a cold plastic seat for two hours. We were sodden, my jeans were three times the weight they started, and only the waistband of my boxer shorts escaped a soaking (sorry for the detail). But a warm towel, my favourite hoody, fresh clothes and Chinese chicken curry and chips sorted me out.

  1. dave says:

    At least you won..

  2. [ Shell ] says:

    your jeans were sodden because you wet yourself, didn’t ya?

    You can tell us Steve boy.*runs to sainsbury’s to get him some pampers pull up pants*

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