Life's Little Joys

Posted: 01.11.06 in Blogging

When people know they are soon to die, they start to enjoy the little things in life that they didn’t realise they would miss. I find that a bit sad. People seem to rush through life and forget the small things that make them smile. So I try to make the most of life by recognising these small things that cheer me up.

For example, I like hearing the rain hitting the window late at night when it’s dark. It might be an odd thing, but there is something comforting about it. Who would want to burgle your house in the dead of night in the pissing rain? (Before I get loads of comments to the contrary, leave me in my bubble of bliss!)So what are your “life’s little joys”?

  1. wl says:

    Difficult question. I have a bitter yet sweet feeling when I am waiting to see a doctor in a hospital hall with my mum around me. Though she can’t help at all; it’s just her presence there – a real comfort which calms me down – that I am not alone facing this problem, small or big, there’s some one who genuinely cares that I can turn to if I want or need to; this feeling that there’s some one there; this feeling that I am not alone in this world. It’s the knowledge that some day I will lose her and I will probably always have to face nasty things on my own makes the experience bitter yet sweet! Didn’t feel it until went to university. I think I have to say that it is really important to live in a place where there are people who genuinely care about you. I guess that’s why many people choose to give up better job opportunities but to unite with family and friends wherever they are. I don’t know others, but if nobody cares about me at all, I guess I will feel really low. It might be hard to notice, cause I will probably try to hide it deep in my heart, or I may forget for a while because of the fast steps of life. But in a quiet night, alone, you may feel it. (I like hearing the hitting of the rain on the window too, for it kind of arouses a kind of melancholy mood which is what we need once in a while to release something deep in our heart. Sorry I can’t describe what this something exactly is. The pala..pala..pala..of the rain is not only knocking at your window but your heart as well. While it cleans the air, it also brings away something from you.) Yet some people may not care whether people care them. I don’t know. Different people have different priorities. I think Alfie starring Michael Caine is quite provovative in this matter. Actually, I’ve been wondering since you said before that your real friends are all in Kent (something like that) and you always go back there, what made you come to Newcastle? Where do you consider as your hometown more, the place you were born or the place you grew up?

  2. Steve says:

    That’s a good question. I think after everything I struggle to name a place I call "home". Of course, I know SIttingbourne (Kent) best, but I don’t get the sense of belonging that I do here. But here – even though was born around here – I feel different to everyone else. Perhaps that’s the problem: wherever I go, I feel different.

    Perhaps after everything, that is me: different. And perhaps I should enjoy the fact that I’m different. But sometimes you just want to feel normal.

    Thanks for the comment anyway – very profound! Yes, that’s how I feel about the rain… after the rain has gone, there is a sense of starting afresh in the mind.

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