Round, Spherical Objects

Posted: 02.11.06 in Blogging

The title comes from Hi de Hi. Don’t know why I used it, just thought it funny at the time. But anyway – what you have all been waiting for: my daily news.

It doesn’t disappoint. I handed in my assignment for Number Theory and Cryptography – uncompleted. Everyone found it difficult, but we shall see how I do. It’s my bad really, I didn’t go to the tutorial. But to be fair, I did study the tutorial questions, and they would not have helped me.

I have also found a band to play my songs! Incredible. It’s my stepbrother’s band (don’t know who they’re called…), but if they like the songs, you never know! I could have a number one! (Yes, ok, I doubt it, but you never know!)I also went out tonight to celebrate Rosie’s 22nd birthday (Happy Birthday Rosie!). It was good! I had two Rosie-vodka-and-cokes (i.e. Rosie’s generous measures) and two JD-and-cokes (i.e. Mood’s measures, which actually seemed rather generous – although I was too busy watching the football to notice how much was actually put in). Anyway, got home safely, called Deano a gnome, so I think I better go to bed!

  1. helen says:

    Love the new site

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