And So It Begins

Posted: 05.11.06 in Blogging

When Newcastle United signed Michael Owen for £17 million, there was a huge sense of glee and optimism amongst the fans, who had been anticipating another mediocre season. The pundits were largely encouraging, saying that it could be the turn of our fortunes. However there were a few that I took heed of, and got me worrying.

The season before, Newcastle United failed to reach European competition, and as such there was little chance of recouping the money spent on Owen, at least in that period. We would make a loss that year. It was not seen as a problem, since Newcastle United have some rather wealthy financial backers of the club.

I remember at the time there was one pundit sitting on Sky Sports News who was concerned. The nagging doubt at the back of my mind was supported by what this man said. Two words said it all… “Leeds United”.

In the late Nineties and early in this decade, Leeds United were the high fliers. They had a great young squad that succeeded both in the league and in Europe. As such, a lot of money was flowing through the club. A huge amount was spent in luring Rio Ferdinand to Leeds United, and other extravagant purchases were made – such as tropical fish costing thousands for the chairman’s office.

Cracks started to show. Performances dwindled, the team failed to qualify for Europe, and a lot of potential revenue was lost. The manager was sacked, the chairman resigned, assets – including players – were sold. In fact Newcastle United spent a lot of money on players from Leeds United. In one season they had got through three managers, and none of them could save them from relegation. Today they are languishing second-bottom in the Championship, despite narrowly missing out on promotion last season.

And what of Newcastle United? We have bought Woodgate for £9M, Luque for £9M, Boumsong for £9M, Martins for £9M and Owen for £17M. All of them either were sold for a significant loss, or failed to achieve a regular starting slot in the team (through injury or otherwise). We are suffering from extremely poor performances and a dire position in the league.£482 seems a lot of money to pay for a season ticket to watch a Championship team…

  1. dave says:

    I’ve just got in after watching West Ham beat Arsenal and if Newcastle can show the same amount of passion and commitment as West Ham showed’ll get out of the mess you’re in,no problem.

  2. Steve says:

    Oh well… relegation, here we come!

  3. dave says:

    You made a mistake with the manager,they took the cheapest option,look what O’Neills done at Villa,that could have been Newcastle.

  4. Steve says:

    That wasn’t our fault. Truth is, if O’Neill was available, we’d have had him. Unfortunately, we needed a manager soon, and O’Neill was holding out for the England job. If The FA had let him use his preferred backroom staff, that could have been England…

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