Bad Mistakes, I've Made A Few (Part II)

Posted: 10.11.06 in Blogging

Application for University was easy, in the main. My only mistake was applying to Warwick University. If you are turned down by Oxbridge, don’t bother trying for Warwick! I applied for two courses there: the Master of Mathematics, and the MMORSE (Master of Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics and (Something) Else). They refused my application for both. It wasn’t so much this that annoyed me – it was more the fact that they refused to give any feedback or indeed any reason for the refusal of my entry. They simply said “we get too many applications to give personal replies”. I suspect they get too many applications to read…

I also applied to the University of Manchester, and for UMIST (University of Manchester Institute for Science and Technology), which I believe have united to form one university. They both requested interviews, and I foolishly declined both. I didn’t even visit the universities. However, they both offered me a place anyway. The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne and the University of Kent at Canterbury also offered me places on their courses.

It wasn’t a tough choice – the perfect choice was Newcastle. It did the course I wanted, I would get to see the city around which I might have been brought up around, and there was the chance to go and watch my beloved team play. So I selected them as my first choice. Both Manchester universities were asking the same requirements in terms of A Level grades as Newcastle, so I could not select them as my insurance option. Kent then remained as my insurance option. So all that remained was for me to get ABB in my A Levels in order to get into Newcastle, or failing that, BC to get into Kent.

Results day came, and I achieved ABBCC, which might not seem bad, but for all the bad publicity gets, General Studies was one of those B grades, and got me into Newcastle.

In some ways I wish I had done two things. First was to look at other universities. I was very dismissive of universities that were not doing the Masters courses. Secondly, I wished I talked to my friends more. To be honest, I don’t think I would have changed my mind from selecting Newcastle as my first option. Having said that, I think if I had realised that everyone else was giving everything north of Watford Gap a wide berth I might have considered my options a little longer.

If I had gone to Kent, I would perhaps have gone out a lot more. Perhaps I might have made fewer friends, but a change is as good as a rest, as they say.

  1. weiran says:

    I think the process of choosing a university is very tough, you have very little idea of what its like until you actually get there, so you have to rely on the advice of others.

    A lot of it is also to do with luck.

  2. dave says:

    My brother went to Nottingham University,which is 28 miles from Chesterfield and he says the one thing he regrets is not going to a university further away from home.

  3. Steve says:

    I went about as far as I could away from home…

    Home just followed me!

  4. Mr Modern says:

    I think you really should have applied better logic for choosing which uni you went to. No wonder Oxford refused you, dumbass.

  5. Steve says:

    Firstly, Mr Modern, I did not apply to Oxford. Even if I had applied to Oxbridge, I would certainly not have applied for Oxford.

    Secondly, I applied logic to my decision. I have family in Newcastle, and thus very good support here. I don’t think I see the logic in you visiting this site with the pure intent on bugging the owner. You are an annoying little gnat.:)

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