To Prove A Point

Posted: 11.11.06 in Blogging

Time for some evaluation. Having highlighted my mistakes in the last few days, I start to balance the points of the current situation. I should be thankful I didn’t start a career I might not have enjoyed. I should be grateful that I went to a University where I enjoy doing the work (on the whole). There are good points, but there are bad points, too.

I miss my friends. It’s not easy to see them, and they certainly don’t bend over backwards to maintain contact. I see them now and again – others not at all. They would talk about going out on an evening, but obviously I cannot join them, and that’s a sobering thought in itself!

But it’s not all been bad. If it wasn’t for this situation, I probably would still hardly have known people like Deano, James and Weiran. As it is I speak to them fairly frequently, and certainly more often than those that I holiday with… A few sly digs… sorry!

So I’m not unhappy at all. By the way, if anyone can tell me which “Bullet For My Valentine” CD I should get in order to get the best flavour of the band, I’d be grateful. Reasons to follow…


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