Only On A Tuesday

Posted: 15.11.06 in Blogging

Why does it only rain on a Tuesday evening when I’m out? It’s so unfair!

Anyway, the meeting was productive, so that’s good. It means I’ve taken a bit more work on, which is fine, I volunteered myself. But my problem is that I would make that a priority over my university work. I need fewer distractions. It’s not just the Stop AIDS work – it’s just a few things at home that need sorting out.

In that case I don’t think that buying a lot of computer hardware to install was such a good idea. However, some have already arrived. The motherboard and memory have got here safe and sound. Once I get the rest I will probably excitedly install it (and probably find I have an outdated PSU, according to Weiran… Ah well… more money spent I guess…


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