Stranger Things

Posted: 19.11.06 in Blogging

I was waiting for a website Weiran and I are working on to go live, when I got bored and so decided to wander around on the Internet. I rested at and looked around. My first stop was my old school, Borden Grammar School. At present there is only one notable “famous” person to have passed though, that being Sir Stanley Hooker, who worked on aerodynamics with Rolls Royce and helped them to revive them during the Seventies.

I wandered further, and I decided to look up Sting. I have read his autobiography Broken Music, but it does not go beyond the dawn of his musical career with The Police. Having not experienced much of his career since, I decided to wander through. I was also listening to Enya on Windows Media Player, and so things started to get a bit weird.

I was also clicking everywhere. I ended up reading about Quentin Crisp. He was an extrovert homosexual that grew up in a generally homophobic London for much of the Twentieth Century, and eventually moved to New York. He was Sting’s inspiration for Englishman In New York. It’s nice when things start to make sense, and you can understand the meaning behind things you have grown accustomed to and had just accepted as “one of those things”. I had simply thought that Sting was writing about a fictional character – and this appears not to be the case. I also read about his association with tantric sex. Apparently, he has not practised tantric sex, but rather it was a dinner joke gone a bit far.

So it’s now 2am, the site still has not gone live, and I’m tired, so bedtime for me.


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