Stop AIDS Please

Posted: 21.11.06 in Blogging

Please everyone, please just Stop AIDS. I don’t mind working on this project for the society, but I would rather not have to.

So, here’s a fair warning. On World AIDS Day wear red. That’s the main message of the day. The problem is that people don’t appreciate what a problem HIV and AIDS are to other people around the world. Often the biggest problem is that those same people neglect to notice the effects of HIV closer to home.

So, particularly if you are at Newcastle, get your red glad rags on. And hang around at the Union at 1.30pm on the day (1st December) to watch what is currently our centrepiece of a week of events – a mass balloon launch.

By having a bit of fun we hope that people will realise that we have put in a lot of work for something that really is very serious. The best way to appreciate our work and to recognise the dangers of AIDS on the week leading up to World AIDS Day is join in with our activities, and hopefully raise a few lorries’ worth of cash too…


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