Moving On

Posted: 24.11.06 in Blogging

First of all: apologies. I haven’t posted in a little while. I haven’t been too well, and I haven’t much news to part with anyway. I’m still being kept busy with Uni stuff, and SHAG (Sexual Health And Guidance) Week is next week, and it’s all tied in with our Stop AIDS stuff too.

Well, today marks 15 years since Freddie Mercury died. I would have been five when that happened, so I wasn’t really aware of it happening. I wasn’t even born when Live Aid was broadcast (I was a Live Aid Bump). So to be honest I really didn’t know about Freddie while he was alive.

But now, I feel a little cheated that one of my greatest heroes has gone before I got to know him. And it’s largely down to the HIV virus. What annoys me more is that few have taken heed of the lessons of those times. This is what got me started on my HIV/AIDS campaign.

So take this lesson from me. For Freddie’s sake, just be careful.

  1. X Shell X says:

    Yea. R.


    P Freddie we love ya!

    And lads, wear a johnny on ya winky for god sake.

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