Ashes "Fever"

Posted: 26.11.06 in Blogging

Well… has Ashes Fever hit us yet? There really has not been the hype this time round that there was last year. Perhaps that was because it was being held over here, and many thought this was our best chance to win them back.

But Strauss has just been caught out. What’s going on? We can’t even agree on a team any more – last time round, the team more or less picked itself. Now people calling for other cricketers to be called up. The problem with any English national team is that once a player has been called up and cements his or her place, they seem to stick. That might not be a bad thing, as it keeps some sort of continuity. But it frustrates others that might warrant a place in the side. So… to add to the debate, I’ve named my side!

  1. A. Strauss
  2. M. Ramprakash
  3. A. Cook
  4. K. Pietersen
  5. A. Flintoff
  6. P. Collingwood
  7. G. O. Jones
  8. S. Broad
  9. M. Panesar
  10. A. Giles
  11. M. Hoggard

Some notable inclusions and exclusions there…


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