Examination Inflammation

Posted: 29.11.06 in Blogging

I have just seen my exam timetable. I thought that only having four exams this semester, I should be safe from exams occurring on consecutive days.

Actually I was right. I don’t have exams on consecutive days. Instead, I have two exams on one day. Not only do I have two exams on one day, but I have a ‘double’ exam in the morning – 2:15 hours for a 20 credit module in the morning, then 1:30 hours for a 10 credit module in the afternoon.

I felt this was unfair. It leaves me little time to prepare for the exam in the afternoon having finished the first, and it would affect my capability to get the highest marks in both. So I have written to my personal tutor, and the module leaders for the respective exams. My personal tutor’s reply was that timetabling is difficult. It leaves me with little consolation, but I understand the difficulty.

Am I right to complain, or am I just being a drama queen?!

Update: the Number Theory and Cryptography exam (20 credit module) has been brought back 24 hours. Fantastic!

  1. X Shell X says:

    Your a drama queen. As usual. 😛

  2. weiran says:

    Can’t get anywhere without complaining. I love it.

    I’ll complain if I get seated too close to the toilet at a restaurant, so don’t you worry about being a drama queen!

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