Posted: 04.12.06 in Blogging

I love my analogies. I created one today to describe how defragmenter works on your computer:

Your computer goes obsessive compulsive, and arranges the cans in your kitchen cupboard so that you have baked beans in one place, spaghetti hoops in another, and custard elsewhere and so on. It also turns the cans so that the labels are at the front so the computer knows what is where so it can find its dinner more quickly… It also puts labels on where they have fallen off (which is rather clever) to speed up menu selection.

Basically the computer rearranges stuff so it knows where it all is so it can get the stuff it wants more quickly.

Meanwhile, it doesnt take a thing out of the cupboard, so in fact if you want something while the computer is rearranging your cans, it will still give it to you… likewise, if you add stuff, it will sort that out, too.

And if you run it again after you’re done, it will rearrange them again. The thing is, it is quite thorough… and you have hundreds of thousands of them. If it doesn’t seem to make your computer any quicker then you have got too many cans. Then perhaps some of them are out of date, and you should throw them away.

I’m half expecting Waz and James to tear my analogy to pieces, but so what? It works for one drunk man… 😉


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