Time Travel

Posted: 06.12.06 in Blogging

You know, it’s funny what passes through your brain when offsetting the monotony of bus travel. Usually I just look out the window, occasionally seeing rabbits, crows and magpies, but today (or rather yesterday now) was different.

I was making some sort of comparison between time spent now and time spent while I was at school. It feels like time passes more slowly now than when it did while at school, which is just typical really.

I always enjoyed school while I was there, which isn’t something everyone can say. They usually look back and realise how good it was. But not me. I loved it. If I could go back and do it again, then I would. And I do.

And that is my time travelling. It’s brilliant. You don’t need a Delorean and a mad scientist (though perhaps it could be argued that I have one of the two). It’s also disappointing. You remember how great school was and serves as both a distraction and as a benchmark for how things should be now, and you find life falls a little short.


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