Land Of The Rising Sun

Posted: 09.12.06 in Blogging

I want to visit Japan. Fact. And I have the money. False. So either I need to get some, or I don’t go. Simple as that. So how to get the money?

There is working, but it would take a while to get the money. There is the concern that working might affect financing in other areas. So although I’m not ruling it out, I’m not sure whether it can be done. Ideally, we’d be going to Japan next year in the Autumn, but I’m not sure how realistic that is, particularly since I don’t yet have the money. And whether I can raise those funds by working alone in that time is questionable.

What other options do I have? Well, someone suggested (I won’t name names) that I be a man of the night. This was supported by a few people, which is rather odd I suppose. I’m not sure whether there are enough nights in my lifetime to raise that sort of cash for what this body would sell…

So I could sell something else (not my body). This is my preferred option. That was I would feel like I properly earned my money, using what I know and what I can do. Sitting in an office working out sums or standing behind a till and smiling doesn’t really motivate me. I just need an idea…

  1. XShellX says:

    Sell ya body. That would pay 4 ya trip.

  2. Steve says:

    It wouldn’t pay for the bus into town… 😀

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