On Hold

Posted: 30.12.06 in Blogging

Well, the British Airways sale has come, and there are no flights on sale to Tokyo for the time we want to go to Japan. So we decided we would go some other time. Actually, Weiran said “Let’s go some other time” and I said “ok”. Never mind. Although we do want to go to Japan and realise it will come to some expense, we don’t want to fork out more than our means, and seeing as my student loan is the primary financier of my trip, I don’t want to plunge myself into further debt than necessary.

So that was a bit of a blow. But not to worry. It gives me more time to learn some Japanese. I had neglected all my studies in the time I have been on holiday, so extra time to learn what is an extra-curricular activity can only be a good thing.

I have also registered with GCHQ, so I hope that I will receive notification if any posts arise. I guess the end of a year is as good time as any to think about the future.


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