Watch The Clock

Posted: 31.12.06 in Blogging

Happy New Year! Hope the coming one is a good one for all of us!

New Years’ Resolutions… I’m not very good with these. 2006’s was to look after myself. I didn’t do that very well. I should do the same this year, but I won’t keep to it.

So what else? Any suggestions please?

  1. XShellX says:

    Happy New Year Hun.

    Hope 2007 bring you all you wish for.

  2. wl says:

    Hehe, no recommendations for new years’ resolutions from me; but try Bridget Jones, you’ll get fun. hAPpy NEw yEar!

    I’d like to recommend some classic Chinese songs to you to start your new year with some ‘new’ melody. Enjoy! But if you feel guilty downloading from the internet, I’m sorry but I don’t have another way to make the songs available to you now.

    Six Songs from Teresa Teng:The Moon Represents My Heart of a Small City Smoke from the Chimney Again Sweet to Say
    [audio src="" /]

  3. Steve says:

    Happy New Year Shell!

    And Happy New Year wl! Sorry if you’ve had some trouble posting your comment – Akismet (my spam filter) doesn’t like people inserting a certain number of links. Anyway, I’ve found the original message so thanks!

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