Posted: 08.01.07 in Blogging

What a waste of a holiday. I planned to write up my lecture notes in order to cover everything I had taken down in the term. Needless to say I failed hopelessly.

I just couldn’t settle down to work, and when I did, it was often interrupted. This week we have some revision lectures, which will hopefully be of use to me – they usually are, but given that I haven’t revised much over Christmas, it will be more a case that the lecturers will go through the questions and write down everything I see.

My trip to Japan is a bit of a permanent distraction now – not that I’m complaining! But I feel guilty for several reasons.

Firstly, I’m taking out my student loan in order to go. However, this is money I will pay back – with interest – when I am earning.

Secondly, I will be going to a comparatively exotic place. This is a position most students don’t find themselves in. However, many students will have gone on holiday plenty when they were children, and this is something I haven’t experienced, so this is my justification!

Thirdly, Mum. She has hardly ever had a holiday, particularly abroad. I feel guilty bringing it up in conversation, because she won’t be going. I should take her somewhere, but she’d probably persuade me not to. Won’t know until I try, I guess.


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