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Posted: 10.01.07 in Blogging

Well yesterday was an interesting day. Had my first revision lectures. I don’t care what other people say, they are worth it. Even material that I have covered in my revision so far would not have helped me – past papers are much better to revise from.

I had a bit of an unsettling experience between lectures though. At one point, I thought, “What am I doing here?” – which isn’t a question that was welcome in my mind a week before my first exam. I just felt that I would be of better use elsewhere. I have a calling, I just can’t hear where it’s bloody coming from!

Anyway, made some time for some shopping. Having spent over £500 for the plane tickets to Tokyo the night before, you’d think I’d be saving every remaining penny on my person. Not so. I bought some paper and a pen (for revision, of course!) and I bought Dream Theater’s Images And Words for the princely sum of £3.97. Amazing! I also bought The Big Issue. It has gone up 10p since I last bought it (yes, as bad as the railways!) to £1.50.

I foolishly made the mistake of forgetting to do my Statistics homework, which is due in today. My second deadly error was to wait even more and start it during the Liverpool v Arsenal match in the Carling Cup. What a match! It ended Liverpool 3-6 Arsenal. I am quite pleased about this.

To finish, I have written another song. I’m not sure about it. The choruses were an afterthought and became the central theme, so I went back and edited other bits. I’m not sure it flows now. Anyway, if you want to see, it’s at my The Songs Of Geoff Brady site, and it is called Just Three Sins.

  1. Dave says:

    Don’t know if you are into Maximo Park or not,but they are playing three pub gigs in Newcastle next week.
    Tickets are £5 and can only be bought from the record shop thats at the side of the pub name,
    Jan 18,Head Of Steam,tickets from Beatdown Records.
    Jan 19,Cumberland Arms,tickets from Alt Vinyl
    Jan 20,Cluny,tickets from RPM
    Tickets are available on Saturday 10am.
    Its good to see you have decided to go to Japan and also bought a cracking album in Images and Words.

  2. Steve says:

    Would sound good, but they are in the middle of my exams…

    Progress is being made on the Japan trip – shall make a post on it soon!

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