Never Learn

Posted: 16.01.07 in Blogging

Or do I?

Today I did an exam – a two-and-a-quarter hour exam in Number Theory and Cryptography. I did not prepare in the best way. However, if I had prepared earlier, I could have done much better.

The problem is, I never seem to grasp that the best way for me to revise is to practice similar questions. Rather than trying to remember every piece of material that might appear in the exam, I should learn how to answer questions. This is my quibble with exams.

I can perform under pressure. The problem is that I try to be sure that I know as much as possible in order to as much as possible. The consequence is that I end up forgetting small details which are the most important.

So, for my exam tomorrow afternoon, I have been going through the specimen paper – and it seems simple enough. But with the university deciding it would be a good idea to much everyone up, there are no past papers for this course. Indeed, there are no past papers for three of my four courses. This makes revising a bit more difficult. But no-one ever said it was easy…

I can’t wait until this time next week!


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