Angry Wangry

Posted: 18.01.07 in Blogging

Exams… fill blood with anger, frustration, boredom and possibly some viruses.

Yesterday’s exam went fairly well (until I got talking to Steve after). But everything conspired against us yesterday. Firstly, they made a mistake on the question paper: a question started but never finished (and wasn’t even supposed to be there in the first place, it transpired); a question sheet that accompanied the paper in order to answer some of the questions was almost completely wrong. To compensate, they gave everyone in the room an extra quarter of an hour (including the dubilant computing science students at the front, who were obviously quite pleased to be given an extra quarter of an hour for free). There were quite a few unhappy people leaving the lecture theatre.

Then came the football.

And so to today. I’m revising for Statistical Modelling, which had – up until this year – been two separate modules. The quantity of material of which I must revise is the equivalent of two standard modules, to be reproduced when the two-and-a-quarter hour exam comes round tomorrow afternoon. I’m not confident – this is not easy material. I would have greatly appreciated revision lectures in this module more than any of the others. But not to be.

And yes. Despite the whole of the Christmas holidays having passed, my body has chosen a bad time to be ill. It’s rather like a camp person leaving a party: spectacular and in some ways funny; timed so that its effect is most felt; and at a moment when you have no time to gather yourself together. Not sure which I need most: a Lemsip, a slap round the face, or somewhere quiet where I can revise properly without distraction.

  1. Dave says:

    I must admit I would’nt mention the football either,what happened.

  2. Steve says:

    I’ll tell you what bloody happened! Well, it started off ok – we paid £2 cheaper than anyone else to get a seat with access to the bar. Not bad. But on leaving the bar, we found our seats were right behind another bar – this the white metal kind, and obscures the view. It wasn’t that bad, but what really spoilt the game was the row behind… the kind of people that don’t often go to football matches, and provide their own punditry throughout… ARGH!

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