Embarrassment Of Riches

Posted: 25.01.07 in Blogging

So apart from a candle on the table, which inspired my drunken post, I tell you what actually happened that evening…

Sober Version

I got to Revolution half an hour before anyone else, so like any other person, I went and got a drink. Now let me tell you about Revolution – it is a lovely place: set in a Georgian hall with marble pillars and masonry work on the ceiling. It is fantastic on a Tuesday night, because it is nice and quiet. However, the staff have been trained to ply as much alcohol into you as possible (at a cost, of course). They had an offer on for Jack Daniels – a double would cost a pound extra. So in true Super Size Me style, I accepted every time…

The funny thing was, I had three double-JD-and-cokes, and the price was different each time. The first time, it was £3.70. The double-JD was £2.50 – so I’m guessing this coke was brewed with the blood of virgins or something. The second time it cost £2.80. The last time it cost £3.20. That was a little peculiar, but my exams had finished and I was feeling a little ill anyway before I had even got out, so I wasn’t too bothered, in all honesty.

Before leaving, I had a cocktail called Russian Orchard Krushka. According to their description, it is:

A large measure of Revolution’s Raspberry flavoured vodka served with pressed English apple juice over crushed ice with a squeeze of lime.

After six measures of JD, the lime is pretty much lost on me, but it was very nice indeed. Of course, you cannot taste the vodka. Upon finishing our drinks, we went to Long Bar.

When I got there, I had another double-JD-and-coke. What can I say? It’s my tipple! As the end of the night drew near, I said my goodbyes and tried to leave. Now, seriously, it wasn’t the drink that caused my shame… I was sure that on entering the Long Bar, we were straight at the bar…. but apparently not. My friends were pointing in one direction, and my instincts told me it was the other direction. Suspecting that my friends were having a joke, I went with my instincts – which were wrong. Never mind.

  1. Dave says:

    You’re a student,you’re supposed to get in that state every weekend

  2. Steve says:

    I’m a novice 🙂

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