On The First Day

Posted: 29.01.07 in Blogging

Well I can see I am not going to enjoy Mondays much.

Started off fairly well, my only quibble was that the lecturer removed the slides too quickly (that and hitting us with a Monday 9 o’clock lecture is a little harsh). Then three hours off.

The second lecture came. The room is too small. We didn’t get there late, but managed to find ourselves sitting right at the back. Even with glasses the projector image was so small that it was impossible to read. The lecturer didn’t seem to care too much about the fact that only the first three rows of the lecture hall could hear him, but he managed to hear us at the back whinging enough for him to repeatedly say "Thank you!". Yes, this is a stats module… And then another two hours to fill in.

The third lecture was a bit of a shock. We were thrown right into the deep end. My fear was that it wasn’t the lecturer’s intention to do so. Most people dig holes for themselves. I found myself in someone else’s.

The last lecture was a joke. At 5pm, rather few people are alert enough to pick up on errors. In fact it’s hard enough to listen to the lecturer when the student is required to write constantly for an hour. The room itself wasn’t a joke, it was a six-part sitcom series. The seats were so close together I was sitting where two desks joined. I couldn’t see my paper for the elbows. I shall bring a pillow next week.

So I was a bit annoyed with it all. So I bought a Chinese. The end.


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