Season Of Change

Posted: 06.02.07 in Blogging

It is getting on for a week now since it was confirmed by leading scientists throughout the world that humans are responsible for climate change.

I had always been sceptical: the Earth has constantly changed in climate over its many millions of years of life, and it had been accepted that the Earth was naturally entering a warmer stage of climate. Indeed, it was thought that the Earth would get much warmer before its peak. This has a lot to do with the carbon dioxide cycle: a lot of it was removed many years ago by decaying plants and animals, and this is how we have fossil fuels now. Now that fossil fuels are being used, we are back to square one.

Having said that, the arguments of these scientists are, if a little flawed, convincing enough for me to change my views. The fact that it is now not only carbon dioxide responsible for the greenhouse effect taking hold indicates it is largely down to humankind.

But is this a wake-up call? Let’s face it, we have had theories floating around for just about 30 years, and it was widely accepted before the call of the science community that people are damaging the planet. So why would this renewed warning be any different now?

And the biggest problem (for me, at least) was the scientists themselves. It’s like breaking down on the motorway, and your know-it-all friend peers into the bonnet and says "Oh yeah… there’s your problem." It’s not exactly helpful to know there is a problem if no indication is given on how to solve it. The scientists pretty much said "We’ve done our bit, now it’s the governments’ turns," which is like a mechanic saying "Ah yes, it’s the fuel injection. Here’s a spanner."


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