Not So Happy Returns

Posted: 12.02.07 in Blogging

I had to say something about the Newcastle United v Liverpool match on Saturday. I had to wait a little while to allow the gloating corner of my brain to wear down a little. However, the little sod won’t back down. So, we managed to beat the ‘Pool 2-1 through Obafemi Martins and Nolberto Solano. Craig Bellamy opened the scoring.

Now, I used to like Craig Bellamy, and I thought he had matured. But having been greeted by a chorus boos from the St. James’ crowd on his entrance to the field, he celebrated to Newcastle’s fans when he scored. This upset me a little, so I joined the chorus of boos. Here is just a small selection of chants used during the game:

Shearer’s right –
Bellamy’s shite!

Bellamy, what’s the score? Bellamy, Bellamy, what’s the score?

The latter was a little less original, but all the more pleasing. He may have managed to grant his own wish of celebrating a goal in front of the Toon Army, but although he won the battle, the Geordies won the war!


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