Joseph Revisited

Posted: 13.02.07 in Blogging

I recently described a dream I had, where the end of the world was nigh. It’s peculiar, but today I remembered more. It reminded me of a simple point: if it were let slip that life on Earth would cease to exist, say next week (though I hope not…), imagine the chaos that would ensue.

  1. Firstly, I suspect that few will bother going into work. That would probably mean that millions die from starvation before the world did cop it. We would also be playing Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit a lot, because I guess there won’t be much television. Indeed, I expect that electricity and gas supplies would be susceptible to fail.
  2. Secondly, I reckon there would a speight in suicides. Dissatisfied with being blown to pieces by a meteor or suspended for several millennia in a frozen state, many will turn to conventional methods of death. Those will probably resort to launching themselves off high objects, since trains and drugs will doubtlessly be in short supply.
  3. Thirdly, looting. Good old traditional looting. In the face of a crisis, you can expect the looters to be filling their trolleys to the top and beyond with electricals and ornaments. Of course, these will be about as useful as an umbrella in protecting yourself from an engulfing supernova.

And if it turned out to be a hoax or a false alarm, nothing would save the diminishing human civilisation.


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