Busk Idol

Posted: 14.02.07 in Blogging

In a joint venture between NSR FM and The Gate, there is to be a competition called Busk Idol. There will be a competition to find four of those with musical talent to busk in The Gate, and keep the money they earn. The Gate will then match what has been earned and donate it to Tiny Lives in the Royal Victoria Infirmary.

I would be tempted to enter, but there are several things that stop me:

  1. I will look like a right wally;
  2. I don’t have a full-size acoustic guitar;
  3. I have only one song in my set, and I haven’t completely finished it yet;
  4. I would have to enter by recording myself on camera (which I don’t have);
  5. I’m not convinced I can sing – and I suspect many will agree.

As such, I’ll pass on this one, and I will instead opt to finish the songs and try to record them.


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