Little White Lie

Posted: 14.02.07 in Blogging

Just about exactly a week ago, I told a small lie.

I had been invited to have dinner with some uni friends – they were making a roast. I wanted to go, of course, but Mum was rather unwell. She could barely move. She had to take two days off with it; and to say that is unusual is an understatement. However much she moans about the things she must deal with while there, she doesn’t miss work unless she cannot move.

So, I told my uni friends that I couldn’t go, since Mum was unwell. The facial expression I saw wasn’t one that looked completely convinced by my tale. So I added “little white lie” – which wasn’t in itself a lie. I said that I was getting it too, and I didn’t want to pass it on. The truth was that I did have something like a cold, and that it displayed similar symptoms to Mum’s earlier symptoms. And seeing as how Mum was pretty much a wreck with the flu, I really didn’t want to be responsible for them and others coming down with the same ailment. With that, they seemed satisfied.

Roll on to today: I saw my uni friends again (though I had seen them since). One of them was saying how she thought she was getting what I had. Stupid me says, “Well I didn’t have it anyway!” I guess that’s a half-truth. I certainly didn’t get what Mum had to the same extent, but I probably just got a milder version of it. But as soon as I said it, I started to appreciate what I had actually said. The predictable question came: “So why didn’t you come to our dinner?” – which is a fair enough question, given the efforts made.

Why did I open my mouth? And why did I say such a stupid thing? I’ll just go next time, I’ll probably feel less guilty!

  1. helen says:

    a lie will always be found out.

  2. XShellX says:

    I wouldn’t start 2 loose sleep over it.

    Everyone tells little white lies now and again. It’s life.

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