Posted: 16.02.07 in Blogging

Although I expected my exam results to be disappointing, I didn’t expect them to that disappointing. The stark reality is that a first is pretty much beyond me now. This annoys me somewhat, as I only really have myself to blame.

I let myself get distracted by any small thing. My bedroom has a computer and a PS2, and my guitars. If I’m not in my room, I tend to be on my laptop. Over the last semester I built three websites from scratch – one for me, two for others. My note-taking technique was as bad as they have been since I have been in education: higher or otherwise.

So that’s my wakeup call. And I didn’t have to wait long in the day to discover where others succeed where I haven’t: discipline. While others can come in from uni and do some work, I tend to switch off completely and do anything non-constructive.

However, I really want to start recording my music, but it’s so much effort. I just need some encouragement and motivation. Rather like my uni work in so many ways…

  1. XShellX says:

    Ya got to stop going on those porn sites after uni then and concentrate on ya work, young boy!

  2. wl says:

    I came here to recommend Tap Dogs to you which is shown on Theatre Royal till tomorrow. But it seems that it’s not a good moment. I’m sorry that you find your results really disappointing. But you are really sure others are doing much better? I mean, it may be that these exam papers are really difficult and others may even get worse results than yours.

    And me too find it’s getting difficult to settle down and get into books. I don’t know what to say. I know it’s easier said than done :(, but try to control yourself at weekdays-make good use of time on uni work, and do whatever you want at weekends.
    … I still want to say that this show is fantastic and tomorrow is the last day they perform in Newcastle. If possible go and take your mum. I do think you’ll enjoy it.

  3. Steve says:

    I heard about Tap Dogs on the local TV news. It’s an Australian touring group that do “modern tap”. It sounded quite interesting, it’s a shame I missed it.

    As for the exams, it just remains for me to try a bit harder.

    And porn, honestly! It’s not my style 😉

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