Posted: 02.03.07 in Blogging

I thought I should write something a little more uplifting this time, and I am pleased to say I shall be visiting Kent during the Easter holidays. I’m quite excited by it – I always enjoy seeing the old boys (and girls) and it is always too long between seeing them.

Having said that, I met up with Scott. He’s back from Strasbourg (for a week) and so we went for a meal at The Keel Row. He said he missed proper pub lunches, so we decided to go there. Ok, not quite a traditional pub lunch, but it’s near enough!

Near the end of our conversation, I dropped the line "Oh, and I’m going to Japan over Easter." Scott’s reaction was much like everyone else’s – one of complete surprise, awe and enthusiasm. I feel that my reaction would be the same if someone else was going, but it seems different that it’s me that’s going! It means that I should make the most of being there, so we should try not to be drunk for the duration! We both intend on taking our cameras so if "we" miss anything, chances our we will have it on film (or SD card…)!


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