Thank God

Posted: 05.03.07 in Blogging

I can’t tell you how good I felt on Friday. It was the first day in a long time where I felt alert and fully awake for my day’s worth of lectures. And I can’t think of any other cause than the excitement of going down to Kent.

In the next month (and a bit) I will have gone to Kent to see Pete and gone to Japan with Weiran. I keep reminding myself of those facts, yet still keeping my mind on my work. This is rather peculiar for me: usually any excuse for my mind to go off-topic it does so and often cannot be retrieved.

However, I made a bit of a mistake on Friday. I asked Rosie and Jayne to go clothes shopping with me. It could be a bit of an error of judgment on my part, not least since they promised to do their very best "Trinny and Susannah". Worse still, they insist that I try everything on, which isn’t something that takes my fancy… in fact it’s a bit of a pet hate.

Furthermore, I feel guilty enough spending money on effectively two holidays and then some clothes, while Mum stays at home or work with no holiday and not much money. I’m not sure what she’d think if I went out and spent a couple-of-hundred on clothes…


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