About Time

Posted: 12.03.07 in Blogging

I’m feeling a little disenchanted at the moment. It’s mostly to do with university. The problem is that I feel that there are far cleverer people at university than me.

Of all the people at university, I am probably one of the best at mathematics – that stands to reason, since I am doing a mathematics degree. However, why bother? A lot of graduate jobs don’t specify what degree is required. As such, to all intents and purposes, any old thing will do. The fact is that the clever people at university will do a degree in some menial subject, which is much easier and they stand gain a better overall grade. Mathematics, though, is challenging and I expect not to get a First, and getting a 2:1 is something that requires some work now. This is particularly frustrating, as to the university scale, all exams should be equivalent. That’s bollocks quite frankly.

And to support this claim, look at the entry requirements for these courses. Some courses at Newcastle require much more from A Levels than others, with little by way of subject requirements. I could have got better grades at A Levels by taking simpler subjects. I feel that aiming high and challenging myself is the most misguiding thought I’ve had.


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