The Spirit Within…

Posted: 12.03.07 in Blogging

I was walking around Monument when a bloke came from beside me and said "I like your ring". It was a peculiar start to the conversation that was forthcoming. He continued: "I’m quite envious, though in a good way of course." He was talking about the ring I got for my 21st birthday.

He handed me a book. I looked at the cover, and it was called "The Perfection of Yoga". He said he was collecting donations to support the local temple (of which I have no clue of its location) so I gave a pound and we parted.

I immediately thought about the act I had taken. Although a pound is not a great sum (I rather doubt a temple could survive a day on a pound) I pondered on what I had done. I don’t have much use for a temple, myself, but of course others find great solace there. Sometimes people need to nuture their spiritual side in order to gain confidence and reassurance.

You might not expect me to be a spiritual person: I am a scientist, I’m not a church-goer, and I have my own doubts on the existences of gods or afterlifes. But I think a lot. I think about my context and relevance to the world, and how I fit in.

I am a little weird. 🙂

  1. helen says:

    could have been a con-man, think of all the money you could gain in a day if everyone you met gave you a pound.

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