Away Day

Posted: 08.04.07 in Blogging

Well my dear readers, I shall be away to Japan tomorrow! Well… that is if you count getting the train from Newcastle to London ‘on the way to Japan’!

Part of this epic journey will be to navigate myself across London to get to Heathrow on the last tube. I realise there is an element of risk involved here: my train arrives nine minutes before the last tube leaves. I am rather depending on the fact that GNER isn’t a complete arse tomorrow night (it isn’t usually, but if some twat attempts suicide, I shall be rather upset and – even worse – stranded in London). I am also depending on the fact that I can get through the turnstiles in London without too much bother. I shall be lugging around my suitcase, so this isn’t too promising. If anyone spots me, I would appreciate a cup of tea by this point!

But I’m looking forward to going. It’s been a short-lived dream for me. Short-lived because it’s coming true not long after dreaming it! Jonathan Ross’ Japanorama went some way towards creating that dream (and indeed realising that dream, since Weiran is also a fan), and a new series has just started. So if you want to see how mad, passionate and to some degree perverted Japan has become, be sure to watch the programme!

  1. XShellX says:

    WOW have an AMAZING time!

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